The MSPCA has reached a milestone (10 years of success) in helping unwanted, neglected or abandoned animals. The Emyvale shelter opened in 2005 and has expanded and made many improvements over the years. While our work does come with many ups and downs (sometimes tears and heartache); the greatest joy is the happiness we see when our shelter animals find a suitable and loving home. The caring adopters who have chosen to "rescue" one of our companion animals are the ones we applaud. THANK YOU all for adopting our shelter dogs/puppies & cats/kittens and for spreading the word about how great it is to rescue your family pet from a shelter!
We would like to personally thank all our past and present wonderful volunteers for their dedication, compassion, hard work and desire to assist the animals and our team. From our dog walkers, to our fantastic photographers & graphic designers who also provide our wonderful informational leaflets etc. and to every one of you that come along and help out at our fundraisers - a HUGE THANK YOU XXXX Also, to all the wonderful vets and vet nurses who provide support, treatment and care to our the animals as well as to the people in the community we refer to them - what a wonderful team to have on board -- they do a terrific job and are to be commended!!
Here is to many more milestones to come!!!! The MSPCA would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank all of you that have given us your on-going support and caring about the animals in our care!! Kudos to all of you who have given us donations through our fundraisers, or donating at our shelter (either monetary or with food, blankets, treats, salmon oil, toys, cat beds, etc.) 
The MSPCA are now teamed up with Royal Canin and are feeding all of our rescue dogs and cats Royal Canin food. While we appreciated donations of dry dog and cat food in the past, all of of pets are on the Royal Canin diet. We are still very welcome and would appreciated receiving moist dog/cat food, dog treats, toys, collars, leads, cat toys, kitty litter -- always needed.