This is Bobby Bawn and here is his story. He is approx. 5 years old and a real pet who had been in great discomfort (see photo). The MSPCA received an email about an abandoned/dumped Shetland pony in the Bawn area that a caring person had reported to the Irish Horse Welfare Trust on the 18th May. We went out to the location on 19th May and took photos and spoke to the Dept. of Agriculture and our local Dept. of Environment. Dermot Forde from the Dept. of Agriculture went to the location on 21st of May and arranged for an "emergency seizure notice" to be placed the following day. We arranged for a farrier to trim Bobby Bawns hooves prior to transport and removal on Saturday, 23rd. Thanks very much to Claire Owens at the Trust for her advice and guidance. Thanks goodness Sinead was able to find him a rescue place at Hungry Horse Rescue in Co. Longford. We have learned that Bobby Bawn now has a home in Germany along with another pony that was collected the same day! Thanks goes to Tony Caldwell for transport and care and also to Breen (Farrier).