Saving Jude… So Far So Good

By Sharon McNulty


Here’s an update on the little West Highland Terrier,Jude, who was used as a bait dog that we featured in the Northern Standard back in late November.  You know, the MSPCA rescue so many animals each year, so many with stories to tell, but as I sit here looking at Jude, I’d like to put into words what I think he’d say if he could, so here goes:

“Like you people, I like to think I’m one of God’s creatures.  I remember a good life, happier times, cozy fires, chasing a ball, all that fun stuff.   Lucky me –alwayshad a nice bit of grub in the food bowl!!

BUT THEN … I was taken by people who value nothing more than making an easy, disgusting income.  Hard, heartless individuals who used me for one of the most cruel acts a human can inflict upon an animal.  They tied me up and unleashed an aggressive fighting dog in training on me.  It’s all about making the dog confident, strong and full of hate.

I was unable to fight back, I had to take the attacks over and over again, biting, breaking skin, tearing into my body  -not until I couldn’t take any more, but just to tease the fighting dog to make him want more.  I was put in a cold, dark place without food, water or bed, until they needed me again.  And again, and again for near 6 months.

My exaltation came the day they decided they needed new blood (sadly) – some poor animal, likely a stolen pet, kittens, whatever they could get their hands on easy.  I was dumped, in shock and spiritless, happy to die as I could not endure any more pain.

The MSPCA say their strength lies in the fact that for every animal they rescue, a line is drawn in the sand for him/her and they will never suffer again.  And so here I am now –healthy and deserving another chance.  After spending 4 weeks in the vets for constant treatment and then surgery, Sharon fostered me and  spent over a month working with me and I’m now ready for my forever home.   I come with a lot of baggage though – my history of abuse will take a long time to cure but look, I’m here and I want to be loved – simple.  

Let me also just say I’m sorry to the dogs that were forced to attack me time and again.  Their lives are just as miserable.  They too are abused to make them aggressive, abused if they don’t fight .  They receive little affection or love.  Their reward is a brief pat on the head for the amount of blood in their teeth and a back pocket full of cash for their sickening owners.  

Like I said, I hope there is room in heaven for animals too…. And if there is a hell, I hope these bad people rot in it.”

Thanks for taking the time to readJude’s story and thanks to everyone who has shown so much support for Jude (who we now call Harry).  He’s gonnabe fine,  just fine.  Thank you again.



Jude returns to say thanks

These photos show Jude's recent visit to McKenna, McDonald & Finlay Vets where he was first treated.



Jude Update

HELLO to all my wonderful follower's your kind words and donations are very much appreciated. I'm feeling stronger every day with the great care and attention I'm getting here, my vets and nurse's are fantastic with me even when I'm grumpy!!! I have gained over a kilo so far with all the lovely chicken i have been getting!! I want to say a very big thank you to everybody who donated me a coat/jumper very kind of you, I have never had a coat/jumper before so it is gonna take me a while to get use to wearing one but for the moment my skin is still tender to be wearing any. 
I will keep you all posted on my recovery
JUDE xxxxxxxxx

 — feeling blessed.



Jude's Story

I’ve written a lot on the subject of animal welfare, but today I sit here after visiting Jude at the vets, and I still feel nauseous. On Friday morning, 8th November near Tyholland, a dog was found on the side of the road by a caring person who thought he’d been hit by a car. The Monaghan SPCA were alerted and he was taken to McKenna, McDonald & Finlay Vets and examined for possible bone breakage, but what the Vet started to discover filled her with dread. Deep puncture wounds meant he had to be shaved.

It was then Jude’s story became very clear.

Jude was used as a bait dog for at least 6 months. Covered in bite wounds, both fresh and old, some deep and savage – and uncountable. He was in shock and in desperate need of painkillers, rest and warmth. Many of you may not know what a bait dog is, so let me explain.

Bait dogs are the most heartbreaking casualty of dog fighting. The process for Jude (and many other dogs or cats, etc. called “prey”) is this: Jude’s face is taped or muzzled, his legs may have been bound and his body restrained. He is then placed in an enclosure with a dog in early stages of being trained to savage and kill – illegal dog fighting. Depending on the level of aggression, some bait dogs are killed pretty early – they are the lucky ones. Because for as long as a bait dog is able to survive these attacks, they’ll be subjected to the same mind- numbing torture over and over and over again. Bait dogs will never hear “I love you” from their captors.

Bleeding, in severe pain and in agony, they’re put into cages, or chained. They’re not usually fed because they’re not valued. No vet care, no pain meds, no compassion, survivors are dumped when they’re no longer useful. The saddest existence for a horrific, greed-filled blood sport. Jude is about 4 years old, a West Highland Terrier male – probably a beloved stolen pet. I’m urging people to please know where your dog/cat is, that they are safe, get them microchipped. Never, ever advertise “free to good home” – dog fighting is a money making racket. These imbeciles will fool you – I’ve know them to send girlfriends dressed up smartly to your home to collect their free pet. Jude will go into foster care while he heals.

They’ll replace his fear and despair with trust and hope. They’ll let him hear those words “I love you” and “you’re safe now” every day. And when the day comes that they see that glimmer in his eyes, they’ll know that St Jude did his job too, in helping this hopeless, innocent little dog. The pain of his past seen in his dark, lonely eyes will be no more.

Jude was saved because the Monaghan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals exists to protect animals from cruelty and neglect through rescue, rehab and education.

And now, my plea to you – this behaviour is BARBARIC and we appeal to anyone who knows where dog fighting is taking place or knows where these pitbull type dogs are being housed, PLEASE lift the phone and ring 047-77200 – Monaghan Garda Station and speak to the detective in confidence. Please don’t take animal charities for granted – many seem to have the impression  that we have infinite resources to do good on behalf of animals in trouble, but we, like many other charities, struggle to stay in existence, last week alone we had three dogs in the vets, two from road traffic accidents and Jude.

Jude is going to require on-going medical care and if you’d like to make an donation towards the vet expenses go to our Donation Page for bank details or pay pal or alternatively post a donation to MSPCA, Jude Appeal, Killydonagh, Emyvale. We know these are difficult economic times but if you donate even a small amount we in turn can help a greater number of neglected animals.

Sharon McNulty, MSPCA Welfare officer