This little girl is 15 weeks old (DOB: 7 April) and is so sweet. She might be a little shy at first, but then her tail wags and she bounds over for lots of cuddles! Her Mum was a Terrier and Dad was a Labrador/Collie mix - so she will probably be a smallish/medium sized adult. Woody is coming along nicely at the shelter and is submissive when meeting new canines. She would be suitable to live with children 8+ and will be fun and rewarding to have her in your home. Woody will need all her basic training and a home where someone is home most of the day to provide the care a pup requires. You should also have a secure garden/yard and allow her to be part of the family (i.e, living and sleeping in the house) along with her human pack. Come meet this little darling -- she will win you over!   



Rosie is a great little lap dog! She loves to come over and get up close for a snuggle -- will try to give you a kiss when you pick her up. Rosie is very pretty, and this photo does her no justice (better photos to follow). This friendly wee girl is approx. 5 years old and would be ideal for an older couple looking for a dog to share their sofa & laps with while relaxing watching the TV or sitting at the computer. She would also be a great little travel companion on outings to local parks and to the shops.  Don't think of Rosie as old -- as she is in the prime of her life and will be a great canine friend for many years to come! 



Rocky has such a gentle and loving nature. He is only 10 months old (DOB:  4/9/13) and is used to children. He came into our care because he managed to get into the owner's chicken coop. Poor Rocky was very unsure/scared when he arrived on Wednesday, 2 July (tail between his legs). He was introduced to some of the our quieter dogs and did well in their company. While Rocky had never been allowed in the house in his previous home, he must be a house-living pet/companion in his new home. Rocky walks well on the lead and is a sensitive and kind dog. Rocky has been introduced to compatible male and female dogs and is enjoying his canine socialization. He is less timid now and anxiously awaits his new home! 



Very small, but hugely adorable -- meet Bella! She is a 2 year old female with a fantastic personality. She would like a home without young children -- as they annoy her and she will bark at them, thus the reason she was surrendered to our care. Bella is a real sweetie, she had not been used to a lead, but walked well on lead for her photo shoot! She is house-trained and will require a secure garden/yard and is a house-living dog. Come meet this little beauty and see if she is the perfect canine companion for you! 



This little juvenile pup is approx. 5 months old. He will be easy to house-train and also learn all his other canine manners. He is extremely friendly and adorable and is in need of a new home where someone is home most of the day to provide this young fella with lots of attention and TLC. If you are interested in giving Bart a new home, you must allow him to be a house-living companion and also have a safe and secure garden/yard. To learn more about Bart, please contact us or visit our shelter. 



Rodger came into our care along with his sister, Suzie, and  he approx. 4 months old. They were the last of an unwanted litter. Rodger has had no basic training -- so would best suit a family with older children -- as he is very bouncy, excitable and jumps up to receive attention! Rodger requires a home where someone is home most the day to spend the time, interaction and care a juvenile pup needs. He is so friendly and playful and will make a fun and enjoyable canine friend and it will be fun to teach him all his canine manners, so he will be a well behaved companion for life!   



Meet Ace, a 2 year old male that is new into our care because he did not make the grade as a racing dog. He is great with other dogs (he has been introduced to Suzie, Rodger and Albert) and he is very tolerant of the young ones). He has a fantastic nature and is a cool and gentle guy. For anyone familiar with Greyhounds or Lurchers, they know they are wonderful pets -- so easy going and gentle! Please come and meet Ace and see for yourself what a marvellous guy he is. 



My name is Ruby and I will be 4 years old in August. I am bouncy, friendly, love attention and am looking for a new home. Will you train me not to jump up and also to walk calmly on the lead -- if so, I will be so happy as I want to learn to be a well mannered friend. I am an energetic girl that would like 2 long walks daily and also to learn to come on recall when off lead. Do you know how to teach me this? I get along with canine friends and might not mind felines either! I travel well in the car, but because I am so bouncy, I could only live with older (teenage) children. If you are experienced in training a dog to learn basic canine manners, please come and meet me and you will see I am well worth the time and effort, because I will give you all my love and devotion in return! 



Meet Reilly -- the very friendly and lively Terrier mix boy approx. 2 years old. Reilly arrived into our care on 3rd June. Reilly is strong on the lead and is a busy and energetic fella -- into everything when he's out on his walks. He doesn't seem to be good with our outdoor cats. Reilly would benefit from further basic training. Reilly is in need of a home that is familiar with Terriers -- as he has all those traits -- independent, alert and high energy and barks for attention! Reilly loves playing fetch and enjoys going into our baby pool! He would like to be the only pet in his new home. He is dominant when meeting new dogs and has recently been neutered.  



This very sweet and gentle soul is approx. 2 years old. He walks so nicely on the lead, is quiet, and so easy to fall in love with as he is affectionate in such an undemanding way. Robin is good with other dogs (even males -- even though he is not neutered yet)!He is house-trained, and already a favourite with all of  us and our dog walker volunteers. He is sharing his kennel with Tyson. 

For some very strange reason, we have a difficult time re-homing Lurchers, and all I can say is they are some of the nicest dogs you could ever meet -- sensitive and loving and make wonderful pets!! Anyone that has owned a Lurcher will attest to this! Robin is a wonderful fella who will be a joy to welcome into your home and life. To learn more about Lurchers, please visit the website below:




Handsome and friendly, Creeve is approx. 3-4 years old male. Creeve would be best suited to a home with no other dogs so he can receive all the love and care he deserves without having to compete for attention. Can you offer Creeve a secure garden/yard and a warm place to sleep indoors as well as daiily walks and lots of love? If so, please contact us or visit our shelter to meet Creeve!   

When Creeve arrived at our shelter, we noticed he was holding up his back left leg and he was seen by the vet on Tuesday, 13th May. The vet determined he had an old injury to his pelvis and femar and we will arrange for him to be operated on next week. Creeve had his surgery on his broken leg on 4th June and is recovering well at the shelter (he was also neutered). Creeve is doing great post surgery and is running about and full of fun -- a great dog who will be a loyal and devoted companion.  



Rossi is a beautiful 10-12 month old Border Collie -- she was given up by her owner as she was not interested in being a working dog with cattle or sheep. Her owner felt it was best for Rossi to be re-homed as a family pet. She is lead trained, good with children and other dogs. Rossi is very intelligent and an extremely active young female, and would best suit an experienced owner of Border Collies. Rossi will chase her tail when feeling stressed or anxious, and is having a hard time relaxing in our kennel environment. When we bring her into our office, away from the other dogs, she calms down and is so biddable! Rossi just wants to be with people and is very eager to please and just needs that special home that understands her needs. 



This adorable little guy is 7 1/2 years old, but if I didn't actually know his true age, I would have guessed much younger, as he is so bouncy and lively for being middle aged. Jackal is a great wee fella -- I am fostering him and he is fine with my large dogs and also my house-cats! He is house-trained, obedient and just a bundle of fun! He is learning not to jump up for attention and will sit on command, he travels well in the car and is not a barky Terrier. His enthusiasm for playing and exploring makes me smile! If you are interested in giving Jackal a great home, please give me a ring.

(Lori O'Neill - 086-8262-956).



Meet Daisy - our 3-4 year old Labrador/Pointer mix female. Daisy is full of energy, so will require a home that can provide her with lots of exercise and can further her training. Daisy is very smart and eager to please, so with treats on hand, she will work hard to learn all her canine manners. She is a fun dog and is enjoying meeting new canine friends -- she gets along with other male dogs that aren't dominant or overly lively. She  has a nice and super friendly personality and will make a rewarding canine friend. 



These 2 beauties came in together and we want them to go to their forever home as a pair -- they have lived together for most of their lives. If you are looking for a canine pair -- little and large, these 2 females would be perfect! Debbie is a petite German Pointer mix female approx. 3 years old and little Roxy is a Jack Russell female approx. 5 years old. They are house-trained, and are so biddable and adorable. Little Roxy will sit on Debbie's back when relaxing, and it would be a shame to break up these long-time friends. To learn more about them, please contact or visit our shelter. 



Meet Tyson, a handsome, friendly, biddable 6 year old Labrador mix male. He arrived to our shelter as his owners no longer had the time to walk/exercise or provide him with the attention he needed. He gets on great with other dogs and loves children and people. He can be strong on the lead at first, but settles down after a short while. He loves to play fetch and will retrieve the ball for you tirelessly -- for as long as you are willing to keep throwing, and throwing the ball! He is house-trained, loveable, well behaved and just a loveable fella! If you can give Tyson a loving home, please come and meet him!