This handsome fella is approx. 4 years old and has a wonderful nose (always sniffing and exploring the ground when out for a walk) and his tail is always wagging (non-stop)! Max is a new arrival and in need of a new forever home who can provide the exercise and stimulation his breed requires. Max has been with other dogs and cats in his previous home, reared with children and is now a retired hunting dog. He loves to fetch for you, also knows his sit and stay commands and is being lead trained at present. If you come and meet this fella you will fall in love with him!!



Lucky is a Springer Spaniel/Terrier mix female approx. 1 1/2 years old -- her DOB is 9 Sept. 2013. Lucky is new into our care -- she is a young, bouncy girl who is looking for an active home. Lucky is good with other dogs, knows her name on recall, and being lead trained at present. She has been in a home with children, but due to her bouncy personality, she might accidentally knock down young children so she would be suited in a home around older children. It was not easy taking her photos as she just wanted to lay down for a belly rub -- she is such an engaging and sweet girl who has so much fun and love to share with her new family. 



Very little and very sweet -- Nica is only 6-7 months old. Nica is house-trained, walks well on the lead, is good on recall when off-lead. A real sweetie who was well cared for and loved in her previous home. She enjoys attention and being picked up and cuddled.  She was a voluntary surrender because her owner's now have a newborn in their home and were concerned about the baby and Nica's extreme curiosity and excitement around the baby. Nica is gentle, friendly and an all-around great young girl! Her owner said he got her as a young pup off of DoneDeal and she was listed as a Jack Russell -- she looks like a Jack Russell possibly mixed with a Cairn Terrier -- just a guess... She still has a bit of growing to do, but will still be small as an adult.  



Aveena is a beautiful, 18 month old female and is a new arrival into our care. She has a fantastic nature and is a house living girl who had lived with another German Shepherd in her previous home. We have introduced/mixed her with our dogs and she is good with them all! Aveena is good on the lead and still needs a bit more basic training (i.e, no jumping up). She is a bouncy, strong and a very lovable girl. Aveena is extremely responsive and has settled in so quickly to our shelter routine -- she is an absolute joy. She has the intelligence of both the GSD and Collie -- so she is an extremely bright girl! When you meet her, you will want to take her home -- this is a gem of a dog who will be easy to welcome into your home and heart!



This beautiful 4 year old Border Collie is named Chloe -- she has an absolutely lovely temperament!! She has all her basic training -- will sit and give paw and walks nicely on the lead. She has such a gentle and kind nature and could live with any mix of family. To learn more about Chloe, give us a ring or better yet, visit the shelter and meet her. She is spayed, microchipped and all ready to settle into her new home.



Delightful and easy going -- Sparky is 3 years old and has a calm and gentle nature. He is clean in his kennel, so house-training will be a breeze. He walks well on the lead and will be an easy to care for companion. Sparky is new into our care and in isolation at present, and does not seem bothered if other dogs pass or approach him in his kennel, so he might be suitable to live with another dog. To learn more about Sparky, give us a ring or better yet, come and meet him! 



Pretty Tippy is a female, only 10 months old, and is super energetic and in need of all her basic training. She is eager to learn and requires an adopter who can teach her all the basics (walking on lead, not jumping up, etc). She is like a young pup --bouncing up for attention and has never had training to walk properly on a lead. Tippy is a very smart girl, so friendly, and with time and patience will learn all her canine manners. Please contact us for more information. We will be working on her basic training in the next couple weeks. She is such a delightful young girl and will make a wonderful companion!  



Maddy is a Terrier female approx. 1 year old. She was scared and cowered upon arrival, but is now much more confident. She is lively, can be vocal, but has a gentle and kind nature and could live in a home with older children. She would be ideal for a retired or older person looking for a constant companion/canine friend. To learn more about Maddy and our re-homing requirements, give us a ring or visit the shelter to meet her. 



Nigel came into our shelter by a member of the public who found him lying in on the side of the road between Carrickroe and Emyvale. Nigel is approx. 3-4 years old and was treated by a vet (thanks Shane Pritchard) on the evening he arrived into our shelter. He had infected cuts/lacerations to his face/muzzle which were extremely swollen. Nigel responded well with the antibiotics and pain meds and is in much better form/condition now. He is eating well and is vocal (whines for attention) which we are delighted to hear! Nigel is looking for a home experienced with his breed type -- he does not like being confined in a kennel. Nigel is house-trained, good on lead and a real gentle and kind fella who wants to be a house-living companion and lap dog!



Too adorable and extremely sweet -- this is Ellen! This lovely girl is approx. 1 year old and has the nicest temperament and is so eager for attention and is learning to walk on lead and also to sit on command (thanks to Sarah)! Ellen has a cherry eye on her right eye which will be operated on in the near future. We were hoping to have this done when she was spayed, but unfortunately, she came into heat shortly after arrival. As Ellen is still a bit bouncy and jumps up, we feel she could live with children 10+. Please contact us to learn more about Ellen or better yet, visit the shelter and meet her!



Cute, friendly and anxiously awaiting his new home -- Donny is approx. 3-4 years old and has an outgoing and energetic personality. Donny would like to be the only pet in his new home and has some basic training already -- walks nicely on lead and will sit for a treat! Donny is neutered, fully vaccinated and treated for parasites. If you are looking for a little friend to sit on your lap during TV time and accompany you in the car for outings, Donny might be the perfect match! He will require 2 daily long walks as he is a lively and fun little guy -- he also loves to play fetch and enjoys his toys. To learn more about Donny, please visit our shelter or give us a ring. 



Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in giving Rex a loving home. Below is the write-up provided by his owner, Andrea Robinson (Monaghan area)

"Rex is a 3 year old Collie male -- we got Rex when he was a pup hoping that one day he would be a working dog on the farm.  Unfortunately, this did not work out but he is a really good pet with kids etc.  Rex has never been on a lead but I am sure he would be easy to train for this simple task.  He will always come back to you if you call him, though if you do let him out of your sight he could wander, this is the problem we were having with him. He does run after cars if they leave the yard this is a habit which we cannot get him out of. Rex was also neutered last year (2014).  He also has always been kept outdoors in a shed and has never been used to to being inside a house or house trained.  I really hope we can find Rex a good caring family home. I think what would be best for him would be in a big enclosed area that he cannot escape!" 





Mynee is looking for a new forever home due to moving circumstances in his previous home, he is brilliant with children will play ball all day long if he had someone to play with, he is house trained, good in the car, good on lead, good with other dogs and doesn't pass any remarks on cats. Mynee is a lovable chap that is looking for a home who can give him cuddles all the time!!! He is neutered, fully vaccinated, and treated for fleas and worms.  If you have space and time for Mynee, please contact on EMMA on 085-1299551.



This 2 year old beauty is named Jet - a fantastic young girl who is house-trained and enjoys playing with her pals at the shelter. Jet is lead trained, has other basic training as well and just loves to play ball! Her owners felt that they could not give her the attention and time she deserved and knew it was best to find her a home that could provide her all interaction, exercise she requires. A gem of a dog indeed! 



Dude is a joyful and super fun young male (approx. 6 months old). He is a real darling that makes us smile with his enthusiasm and friendly personality. Dude is a wonderful wee chap and a gorgeous juvenile pup in every way.  Dude is good with other dogs, loves people and enjoys playing and running about!  Being young, he will need a family/person to continue on his basic training and lead training. If you come and meet Dude, you will fall in love straight away! 



GROVER is a young and very energetic dog who is looking for a home with an active family. Grover is good with other dogs in our care and has been very clean in his kennel. Grover is still learning to walk on a lead and will need an experienced dog owner who can further his lead training. He is a bouncy lad and still jumps up a bit for attention. He does know the sit, wait command, and travels well in the car. While he needs further guidance and basic training, he is a super fella who has so much love to give his new family. He would best suit a family with older teenage children who can also help with his basic training.  



This handsome young fella is only 8-10 months old and has a fantastic temperament. He is so biddable (fun loving and engaging) and still puppyish. Alba is so happy meeting new people and will gives you a lovely welcome and hip waggle. Alba is super friendly and so eager to please, so training should be fun and rewarding. Alba would need a home in which he will get plenty of exercise and more basic training on basic manner, etc. 



Shelby is an MSPCA dog that was re-homed as a pup in 2008, unfortunately, he has made his way back to us for re-homing again. He is approx. 6 1/2 years old and is fully house trained and has been sleeping indoors from a pup. Shelby is brilliant with children and other dogs and walks well on the lead. His new home will need a fully fenced garden/yard as Shelby kept getting out of his garden in his previous home.



Vadar is a well-behaved 4-5 year old male. He is clean in his kennel, so house-training will be easy. He is intelligent, friendly and already has some basic training and walks nicely on the lead. Not only is Vadar handsome, he has a wonderful temperament to match his good looks.  He has a medium energy level and is not too high strung and will make a fantastic house-living companion/friend. Please come and meet Vadar and see what a grand fella he is! Any of you Collie lovers out there will fall for him as he is a gem!

Note: Vadar was neutered on 12th February and is vaccinated and so ready to find his new forever home.