Shep is a fabulous 4 year old Border Collie in need of a new home with a secure garden/yard and children. His owners made a hard decision to give into the MSPCA as he keeps getting away on them and going to homes in the area that have children! He has a special love of young ones and enjoys being around them. Shep was a fantastic farm dog and even as a young pup, wanted the company of children over cattle. So for the owner's love of their wonderful dog, Shep, they decided to ask for our help in finding him a suitable home where he will be  happy. He is house trained, lead trained, and travels well in the car. He is a highly intelligent, friendly and charming fella and will make such a rewarding companion to a family with children. Shep has not been socialized with other dogs, so would like to be the only canine in his new home. 



Brandy is Dobie mix female approx. 4-5 years old -- but mostly Doberman.  She was handed into our shelter as her owners needed to find her a new home (not Brandy's fault). She is a clean dog, very kind natured, walks nicely on lead, and is good with other dogs. Brandy is just a bit smaller than a standard Doberman -- she is alert, fun loving and an affectionate girl. In her previous home, she had a tendency to chase after cars -- but if she is on lead when being walked in traffic areas, this should not be a problem. To learn more about lovely Brandy, either phone us or stop by the shelter and meet her in person!



COOPER'S OWNER (JACINTA - CO. CAVAN AREA) HAS ASKED FOR OUR HELP IN FINDING HIM A NEW HOME -- IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN COOPER, PLEASE CONTACT JACINTA ON 086-407-9301 OR EMAIL:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is what Jacinta has written about Cooper:  This 2 year old Terrier mix needs a new home. He is a real outdoor dog, (but sleeps indoors) he loves nothing more than running in fields and playing with other dogs.  He is great with kids of all ages.  He is in perfect health, fully vaccinated and microchipped.) need to find a new home for Cooper only because when we got him as a pup we thought he would be a house dog but he is not one for the sofa!  He does love our company in the evening, strolling around the kitchen but usually he's too busy outside running in fields, running about with the cows next door and other dogs on our lane.  We live in a rural area so its not a problem but our circumstances are changing and I feel he is being left alone for too long during the day and we don't have much time at weekend either. He has a great temperament and is very relaxed, in great shape, eats well, (dog food only no scraps), fully vaccinated, wormed and is microchipped. He is not neutered. He has a great face with beautiful large brown eyes. He sits, waits and gives paw on command. He sits perfectly still when we talk to him, and walks well on lead but prefers walking freely so we never take him into town (it's the fields or forest for his walks).  




(PLEASE EMAIL:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BAILEY AND CAN PROVIDE A SUITABLE HOME)

My name is Bailey -- I am a 9 month old German Shepherd/Collie mix.  I am energetic, bouncy, love attention and meeting new people.  I am looking for a new home where my family can spend lots of time with me, going for walks and playing with me because I have so much energy and love to give.  I am really healthy, fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. 

Bailey is house-trained and requires a secure garden/yard and an active home that can provide him with 2 long daily walks and lots of playtime and interaction. His owner circumstances have changed and due to long working hours, he can no longer provide Bailey with the exercise and attention he requires. 



Jessie J. is a juvenile pup (approx.5 1/2 months old), who was found by a young girl over a month ago tied up with cable ties in an alley way. She was slightly under weight on arrival and had a slight issue with guarding her food, but now with positive training and redirecting she is fine around her food. Jessie J. has learned her basic commands, is lead trained, good with other dogs and cats. She is looking for a home where there is a member of the family at home most of the day who is able to continue her training, she is a typical lively pup and highly intelligent. 

Jessie was a huge hit at St. Louis Secondary School (Monaghan) on Monday, 17 November. She was a star pupil and was so well behaved and enjoyed all the pets and cuddles the girls gave her! 



Jessy is a very fun loving and affectionate girl who is looking for her forever home to be an active home as she loves her walks and play time. Jessy is 1 year old and is spayed and knows all her basic commands. She is lead trained but can still pull away if you allow her to. Jessy is good with other dogs, house trained, fine with our shelter outdoor cats and travels well in the car. She is a smallish/medium sized girl and is quite athletic, so her new owner will need a 6' enclosed area to keep her safe. 



Vadar is a well-behaved 4-5 year old male. He is clean in his kennel so house-training will be easy. He is intelligent, friendly and already has some basic training and walks nicely on the lead. Not only is Vadar handsome, he has a wonderful temperament to match his good looks.  He has a medium energy level and is not high strung and will make a fantastic house-living companion/friend. Please come and meet Vadar and see what a grand fella he is! Any of you Collie lovers out there will fall for him as he is a gem!



Handsome Rusty is approx. 1 year old and is a super outgoing and confident chap. He comes on strongly when meeting new dogs and would would like to be the only pet in his new home -- he does not like cats! Rusty travels well in the car and doesn't mind being picked up and cuddled. Rusty is responsive, can walk nicely on the lead (with instruction/guidance) and is house-trained. Being a young typical Terrier -- Rusty will need an active new home environment, where he can receive 2 daily walks and also further training (as he does jump up for attention). Rusty could live in a home with older teenage children, who can also help in teaching him all  his canine manners. Nice little fella, who has found shelter life a bit stressful, and is eager to find his new forever home.



These 2 brothers are approx. 6 months old and are almost identical. Top photo is when they first arrived. Sam is shown in the next 2 photos (he has a bit of white on his chin) and was a bit shy when away from his brother. Sam & Alfie have received their 2nd vaccination and are now able to enjoy running about, playing, and meeting new dogs in our exercise field. They both have great temperaments -- friendly & will jump up to say "hello" and so enjoy attention. Sam and Alfie have started their lead training and are doing great! They will need further help on their basic training, but have recently learned to sit for a treat and we are working on stopping their jumping up for attention. Sam and Alfie require a home where someone is home most of the day to provide the company, training and interaction a juvenile pup requires. Sam & Alfie could live with older children (too jumpy and lively for the young ones). If  you are looking for a young dog to welcome into your home and provide further basic training and care required, please come and meet these wonderful boys!



These 2 sweeties are mostly Labrador and are approx. 9 weeks old. Kit and Kimi are almost identical, except one is a bit bigger than the other. They will need a home where someone is home most of the day to provide them with the attention, training, and care a young pup requires. They have received their  2nd vaccination and have been treated 3 times for worms. Kit and Kimi are at the fun and super playful phase, jumping up, exploring and biting anything within reach. Adopting a pup is a big responsibility and any adopter must be prepared and willing for all that is required during the puppy and adolescent phase (chewing, house-training, lead training, etc.) All adopters must have a safe/secure garden/yard and the pup has to be a house-living pet (even as an adult). These pups will be medium/large when fully grown, so please take that into account.



PLEASE CONTACT CIARA LYNCH VIA EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Meet Skye -- a Husky/Malamute type female with blue eyes and approx. 2 1/2 years old.  Skye is microchipped and is looking for a experienced owner of the Husky breed. . Skye is fine with children and other dogs. She is very active/hyper, so requires a large concealed garden (as she is a skilled escape artist)!  Skye needs daily walks -- just like any other Husky or dog. She isn't spayed and hasn't had any pups. She is house trained but needs all other basic training. She has a good nature, loves being outside. I care a lot about her and will only allow her to a good home, experience with the breed is necessary.



Meet Page -- a mostly Labrador female approx. 1 year old. Page has all the lovely traits of a Lab (friendly, energetic and full of personality). She is smaller than a Lab, but is still medium sized. Page needs all her basic training, but with patience and treats on hand, she will be a most eager to please pupil. With a bit of time and effort to teach Page her canine manners -- she will be a rewarding and well mannered canine friend for life! She could live in a home with older teenage children who could assist with her training. We have started her lead training she has been introduced to other well mannered male dogs and her socialization is going extremely well. Page does know the sit command and is very eager to learn new things -- she will be a fun and entertaining friend. 



Matilda (aka Courtney) was returned recently -- no fault to her. She was adopted as an 9 week old pup and her owner felt she was too lively and needed a more active home than what he could provide for her. Matilda is now 7 months old, is good with other dogs and super friendly. She is an energetic young girl with that requires a new home that can provide her with further basic training and stimulation to keep her interested. She is highly responsive and intelligent, so training should be fun and easy. Matilda is an outgoing and lovable girl -- below is her puppy photo. Matilda has recently been spayed and is all ready to leave the shelter. Stop by the shelter to meet her, her engaging and loving personality will win you over!  



Handsome Barney is 15 months old and is energetic, affectionate and has a nice temperament. He is good with other dogs and requires and active home. Barney has some basic training, but will need more lead and recall training. He is good with children and is loving and gentle. Being a Collie, he is very intelligent and eager to please and is capable of learning more canine skills -- might be a good agility dog.



Tilly was a stray picked by a kind passer by on the busy Emyvale/Aughnacloy N2 Road. She is approx. 10 years old and was covered with fleas, so her coat was not in great condition. She was so happy to receive attention and just loves being with people. She has done her time in the Pound where she was not reclaimed and is now waiting on her new forever home. She is such a little sweetheart -- a kind, gentle natured girl. You would never guess she is an older dog as she is spritely and energetic. 



Reagan has a fantastic nature, is clean in his kennel, enjoys the company of other dogs, but most importantly is a responsive and loving dog. He will make a wonderful and devoted canine companion. Reagan is so much fun to be around – playful, energetic and so willing to please. He would be suitable for any mix of family (with or without children). Reagan is a smallish/medium sized fella. He shares his kennel with Skipper! 

Reagan was found late on a Sunday night stranded in Bragan Mountain, the kind person who found him while out walking their own 2 dogs took him home overnight. He said Reagan was good indoors -- very well mannered and clean, and also good with his 2 dogs. Reagan has done his time in the Pound where he was not reclaimed and is now waiting for his new forever home. A lovely natured fella who will make a wonderful canine companion. Reagan has been with us since the 5th of September awaiting his new home. 



Meet Ross - an engaging and delightful 9 year old male. He is a special little dog who was re-homed by the MSPCA 8 years ago and for some unknown reason, he turned up in a Pound 2 hours drive away from here. Although he is an older fella, Ross is lively and full of energy and charm.  He is house-trained, and loves his walks and journeys in the care. Ross would suit someone looking for an easy to care for dog, so he can live out his retirement years in the comfort and care of a good home. Ross has no health problems and has many good years of living to do! 



This handsome fella is named Skipper and he is approx. 3-4 years old. Skipper is a fun-loving, energetic, smallish/medium sized male -- he is clean in his kennel and good on lead. He is good with most other dogs and enjoys exercise, walks and lots of attention. Skipper and Reagan share a kennel and are good buddies. Skipper will be an easy dog to welcome into your home as he has basic training an affectionate pet! Skipper has been with us since 8th August and we don't know why he has not been re-homed yet -- as he is one of our favourites. Why not stop by and meet Skipper and see what a wonderful canine companion he will be!




This shy beauty is very sweet but timid. Ellie is approx. 2-3 years old and lacks confidence -- she will let you pick her up (snuggles in), but trembles -- no aggression, just scared. She is house-trained, travels well in the car and enjoys the company of other dogs. Ellie is a very special girl looking for a special person who has the patience and understanding to make her feel safe and loved. She would also benefit by having a confident canine friend in her new home and also a home where someone is home most of the day to help her along. She is well worth the time and effort!



Meet Ace, a 2 year old male that is new into our care because he did not make the grade as a racing dog. He is great with other dogs even smallies and pups. He has a fantastic nature and is a cool and gentle guy. For anyone familiar with Greyhounds or Lurchers, they know they are wonderful pets -- so easy going and gentle! Please come and meet Ace and see for yourself what a marvellous guy he is. 



My name is Ruby and I am 4 years. I am bouncy, friendly, love attention and am looking for a new home. I love to play fetch and my energy is boundless! Will you train me not to jump up and also to walk calmly on the lead -- if so, I will be so happy as I want to learn to be a well mannered friend. I am an energetic girl that would like 2 long walks daily and also to learn to come on recall when off lead. Do you know how to teach me this? I travel well in the car, but because I am so bouncy, I could only live with older (teenage) children. If you are experienced in training a dog to learn basic canine manners, please come and meet me and you will see I am well worth the time and effort, because I will give you all my love and devotion in return! 



This very sweet and gentle soul is approx. 2 years old. He walks so nicely on the lead, is quiet, and so easy to fall in love with as he is affectionate in such an undemanding way. Robin is neutered and has his Pet Passport. Robin is good with other dog, is house-trained, and a favourite with all of  us and our dog walker volunteers. Robin likes going for walks and then curling up on his fluffy duvet and relaxing in the warmth of his kennel. He is a real couch loving, indoor type of fella who just wants a bit of daily exercise and lots of human attention and company.    

For some very strange reason, we have a difficult time re-homing Lurchers, and all I can say is they are some of the nicest dogs you could ever meet -- sensitive and loving and make wonderful pets!! Anyone that has owned a Lurcher will attest to this! Robin is a wonderful fella who will be a joy to welcome into your home and life. To learn more about Lurchers, please visit the website below: