This pretty girl is approx. 1-2 years old and has a kind and gentle nature. She is doing well with her lead training and is smart, responsive and will be easy to teach her new things. Erin will need an active owner(s) who can provide her with 2 long walks daily and also playtime and stimulation. She would be ideal for someone who has had Collies in the past and understands their needs and exercise requirements. 



Meet Skippy, a 2 year old big puppy who is new into our care and looking for a home that can provide long walks, lots of playtime and further basic training. He is good with the other dogs in our care and loves to play all day long and enjoys water!! An outgoing and friendly fella who will make a great companion. Since he still jumps up, a home with older children would be suitable as he could knock down little ones. 



Shane is a 7 month old male looking for a new home. He will need an active home environment and owner(s) who will further his basic training up. Shane is house trained, lead trained and good with other dogs. Shane is full of life and very much into everything, if you feel you can keep up with this young boy, please call to the shelter and meet him!!



Lyla is a sweet and fun Hound mix female approx. 1-2 years old. She was thin and frightened when she arrived, but after proper care and feeding she is now a lively playful girl!! Lyla is good with other dogs and has learned to walk on a lead.  



This little cutie is approx. 8-9 months old. She is super energetic, jumps up and is a lively little girl. She is house-trained, walks okay on the lead, good with children and also enjoys canine company. She needs lot of attention and enjoys cuddles and belly rubs. She was re-homed in January, but unfortunately (no fault to her) was returned on Sunday, 12 July. Bottom photos are her as a pup (approx. 7 weeks old) - remarkable seeing how she transformed -- would not have recognized her! She will need an active home that can provide her with 2 daily walks, playtime and loads of interaction and further training. 



Young, outgoing, energetic, super friendly -- Stella is approx. 1 year old and loves attention. She will need an experienced owner that can teach her all her basic training. She is smart, will work for treats and will need lots of exercise and stimulation. She is finding being in isolation a bit frustrating and is so eager to get out into the exercise field to run about and meet other canine friends. Stella is a new arrival (Saturday, 11th July). Very pretty girl in need of a good brushing, but her affectionate nature is lovely! Stella will make a great pet with someone prepared to help her learn canine manners.



Toby is 1 1/2 years old and looking for an active home. Toby will need a firm handler who will not let him rule the household! Toby was reared with children, he is good with other dogs, travels well in car and is lead trained. He use to sleep in his crate at night so he was nearly fully house trained. 

Toby was re-homed on Saturday and returned, because of annoying a cat and hens. If you are re-homing a dog, please advise us if there are other pets in the home to be considered. 



J.J is an 8 month old male and is new arrival (18 June). He is very lovable fella who is looking for an active home with owners who can provide him with lots of exercise and further socialization. He would best suit a home with older children, as he is very bouncy/jumpy. J.J. is house trained, lead trained, been with another dogs and cats. He is getting along splendidly with our other resident dogs and enjoys the company and playtime with his kennel companion Draoichta! J.J. has a habit of steeling food from everywhere, and does guard his food when eating. Nothing serious, but a trait that will need a bit of work to overcome. 



This handsome male GSD is approx. 3 years old and is a magnificent fella! Zeus was an unclaimed stray in the pound. Zeus is still looking for his special home, he is a fantastic example of the German Shepherd breed!!! A well socialized dog that is brilliant with all other dogs and humans, very much still a big puppy. He gets very excited when meeting people and jumps all round you, as well as jumping all round new dogs looking for them to play. Zeus got neutered a couple weeks ago and had a potential new home if he had a clean bill of health (no hip problems). We asked the vet to x-ray his hips while he was sedated for his neuter. Unfortunately, the x-rays showed he has hip dysplasia, mild on his left side but his right hip hasn't formed properly. He doesn't need any medication as of yet we were told, it would depend on Zeus as of when he would require medication. He can live a normal active life but might require pain relief in his older years. As the vet told us he is fine for now even with all his long walks and running about here. 

Zeus has a fantastic temperament towards us, other dogs and cows (so far)!! He will need an experienced family as he is one big, bouncy boy!!!  Zeus is very energetic and will need a family/person to match his energy and understand the traits of GSDs. Ideally, we would like to re-home Zeus to an experienced GSD owner who knows and appreciates what this wonderful breed needs to be happy and content.  


BRAN - RED SETTER MALE (8 YEARS OLD) WITH CARER (Catherine - 087-6779492 -Virginia, Co. Cavan)

This is gorgeous Bran! His owner is recently deceased. Bran is vaccinated and neutered and unfortunately, is now in need of a caring new home. Bran is great with kids, although older children would be better as he is still quite lively for his age.  A secure garden is required and a home check will be carried out prior to adoption. If you can help this fella, or would like to learn more about him, please contact Catherine on 087-677-9492. 


APOLLO -- 9 MONTH OLD COLLIE WITH HIS OWNER (SEAMUS WOODS - 087-9206144 - Annyalla, Castleblayney area).

The MSPCA is trying to help Seamus find a suitable home for Apollo. Apollo is not getting on with his Bearded Collie and Seamus is looking for a new home for him. Seamus told us the following about Apollo: "he could live in a home with older children (teenagers) as he still jumps up for attention, he is partially lead trained, but not house-trained, or neutered and not vaccinated. He would not suit elderly people, as he is too lively and needs lots of exercise. Also, would need supervision with other dogs or separate feeding areas at feeding time." If you can provide a proper home for a young, active Collie, please give Seamus a ring on 087-920-6144. Also, you must have a properly fenced/walled garden/yard to keep him safe and secure.



Shot is an older boy (approx. 7-8 years of age). He is super nice -- walks perfect on the lead, is house-trained and just a laid back, friendly, adorable guy! Shot is in great condition -- needs a good brushing as he is shedding at the moment. He came into our care as a stray and was not reclaimed, so is now in need a new forever home. If you are looking for a canine friend who will be so easy to care for and would settle in like he always has been with you -- this is the fella. He is an absolute joy of a dog -- will follow you around, lay beside you in the evenings and be great company all day long! 



This extremely handsome and well-behaved Hound is named Bradley. He is approx. 3 years old and has such a nice nature -- walks great on the lead and is a calm and gentle fella. People always think Hounds (Harrier or Foxhounds) are for hunting -- but we think Bradley would rather be a companion dog! Bradley will sometimes give a lovely sounding howl, but is mostly quiet and very relaxed in his kennel. Bradley is looking for a home that can provide him 2 long walks a day and allow him to curl up in his comfy bed indoors and keep you company.  

Bradley went on trial last week, but sadly it wasn't the home suited for him. SO we know that Bradley is very shy when away from the shelter. He is clean in the house but does not know how to behave in the house (looking for food all the time -- stealing food out of hands/plates). He loves his walks and has a very good nose on him so could not be let off lead until fully trained on recall. Bradley is very strong on lead, was good traveling, but terrified to get in and out of car. He was brilliant with their older dog and with the family/kids in general. 




Nigel is looking and feeling so much better now! His facial wounds have healed and he has gained a good deal of weight. Nigel is house-trained, walks great on the lead and is an extremely social guy. He does not like being left on his own and is looking for a home where someone can be with him most of the day. He loves playing with his toys and is an outgoing and super responsive -- will sit for a treat and is such a friendly fella. Nigel has been great when meeting other dogs when out for his walk and there has been no negative reaction when walking by or near other dogs (even when they are barking at him). A cool fella who shows a great deal of affection and has moved on from whatever past he endured and is so anxious to relax in his new home!    

Nigel came into our shelter from a member of the public on the 8th April -- he found him lying in on the side of the road between Carrickroe and Emyvale. Nigel is approx. 3-4 years old and was treated by a vet (thanks Shane Pritchard) on the evening he arrived into our shelter. He had infected cuts/lacerations to his face/muzzle which were extremely swollen. Nigel responded well with the antibiotics and pain meds and is in much better form/condition now. He is eating well and is vocal (whines for attention) which we are delighted to hear! Nigel is looking for a home experienced with his breed type -- he does not like being confined in a kennel. Nigel is house-trained, good on lead and a real gentle and kind fella who wants to be a house-living companion and lap dog!



Mynee is looking for a new forever home due to moving circumstances in his previous home, he is brilliant with children will play ball all day long if he had someone to play with, he is house trained, good in the car, good on lead, good with other dogs and doesn't pass any remarks on cats. Mynee is a 5 year old, lovable chap that is looking for a home who can give him cuddles all the time!!! He is neutered, fully vaccinated, and treated for fleas and worms. If you have space and time for Mynee, please contact us or better yet visit and meet Mynee!