Lovely Raina is 2-3 years old and a relaxed and affectionate female. She is a house-living cat who would enjoy a cat friendly garden/yard once she settles in. She seems cat friendly, so could live with another feline. A real sweetheart that will be easy to care for and love!



These 2 gorgeous felines are sister and brother -- approx. 10 months old. We want to re-home them as a pair as they are inseparable -- sleep and play together. They are friendly and enjoy being made a fuss over and will purr when getting attention. If you can provide them a home as a couple, please visit or contact  us! Christal is the darker Tabby and her brother, Hustler,  is the ligher one. Such a wonderful and delightful pair to watch play and interact together -- two is better than one!!



Lester & Ringo came in together as voluntary surrenders. Lester is a shy and gentle (black & white male approx. 1 year old) who came in with his companion, Ringo (tortoiseshell female approx. 3-4 year old). They are a bit shell shocked arriving into our cattery, but once they settle into their new home, we hope they will become more confident. We would like to re-home them together as they have a very special bond with each other. They would be best suited to a home that can provide access to a safe garden once they have settled in. 

Note: Lester was neutered on 12th February and is slowly feeling more confident in our cattery. 



These 2 males came into our care on Friday, 2nd January from the Emyvale area. They are not used to human attention, but are not wild. Titan (top photo) is a bit fearful and will run for cover. Titus (bottom photo) will allow you to pet him. These fellas are probably brothers that have been living rough and are not too happy to be in an isolation kennel. They are fully vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms. If you are looking for 2 outdoor cats, this pair might be suitable. They are big, strong fellas and in good health!

Note: Titan & Titus got the snip (neutered) on 12th February and both are more confident and less withdrawn when being approach and petted. 



This girl has been through HELL. She came into our care over a month ago and had severe burns to her back legs and surrounding areas. Our vet could not determine the exact cause, but she was on pain meds, antibiotics and daily bathing and topical treatment for her extremely painful injuries. She had to wear a collar for 3 weeks while enduring all the treatment and we all felt so bad for her as we knew she was in such discomfort. After many weeks, her scabs fell off and the healing is close to complete. Sasha is a real trooper! She is such a gentle and relaxed girl and even though she has spent over a month in an isolation kennel, she seems very happy and content; I think it is because she no longer is in pain and can now enjoy being handled and purrs away when you pet her. Sasha would love nothing more than being a house cat and find a new home! You could not ask for an easier cat to welcome into your home! She will probably still bare scarring on her back paws and other areas affected by the burns. The vet said they had never seen anything else like it. 



This very handsome young adult is approx. 1 year old and loves his cuddles and attention. He is a big affectionate, yet gentle boy who enjoys human attention and will make a super house cat (Lucky would also like to explore outdoors if you have a cat friendly garden/yard). He is a new arrival and has received his 1st vaccination and treated for fleas and worm. P.S. Black cats are COOL -- but for some reason they seemed to get overlooked at our shelter.



Lovely Gill arrived with 3 kittens and now she is awaiting a new home. She is spayed and fully vaccinated and is approx. 2-3 years old. Gill is friendly, has an easy going personality and enjoys being petted.  



This beauty is approx. 2 years old and is friendly and sweet. She is a new arrival into our care and would love to find a new loving home ASAP. She has been vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and will be spayed prior to re-homing. Come meet Barbie and see if she is the house cat for you! She would enjoy a pet friendly garden/yard if as well!



This pretty girl came into our care along with 2 male kittens – her kittens were re-homed many months ago, and poor Meme is still awaiting a new home. She is approx. 2 years old and is spayed and vaccinated and has been with us for almost 6 months now. She is reserved, but will let you pet her and enjoys attention. A real gentle and sweet feline who will be an easy cat to care for and welcome into your home.